Meet The Team


Lindsay Cowan


Lindsay Cowan

As CEO, Lindsay takes charge of Acuity's overall strategy and approach in the Technology Market.  He is responsible for having negotiated large contracts with leading Corporates and is the go-to man for all contractual structuring and corporate recruitment best-practice.

Lindsay is known as Mr Nice, everyone loves Lindsay.  He is fit as a fiddle and competes in Triathlons to a very high level.  He'll always play this down but he is arguably the greatest table tennis player the office has ever seen and is unbeatable!


Gary Silbermann


Gary Silbermann

Gary started his career as a Physiotherapist where he was a lecturer and private clinician for 16 years in London.  Having decided to leave the medial profession he joined the world's second largest Recruitment Agency in Europe where he became one of the most successful recruiters, working across the UK, Europe and the USA.

After 22 years abroad, Gary returned to South Africa in 2013 to join Acuity and is now our COO.

Gary is recognised as an industry leader in recruitment consultancy globally, regularly being invited to lecture at specialist events.

He is an obsessive squash player and part of the Western Province Masters League.  He and Lindsay are frequently seen battling it out in the table tennis room!




Cara Schickerling

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Cara Schickerling

Cara is a highly successful Recruiter and Account Manager who joined Acuity in 2014.

She is responsible for the Account Management and Delivery of our larger accounts covering a variety of different positions up to and including very Senior Leadership roles.

Undoubtedly one of the most successful delivery consultants in South Africa, Cara will quickly inform you about the ever-changing market availability of skills to meet requirements.

Cara loves Netball, good healthy food and travelling.

Our very own baker who has brought in some amazing cakes.  The favourite has to be the carrot cake!


Ashleigh Watermeyer

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Ashleigh Watermeyer

Ashleigh joined Acuity in 2015 and has rapidly become an enormously successful Recruiter with expertise recruiting both Technology and Business-function roles across a range of corporates and SME’s.

Ashleigh is driven, passionate and decisive. She has a great knack at spotting opportunities and matching candidates to companies for the right cultural reasons.

Ashleigh is a great sportswoman who is a top performer in numerous activities. She is Lindsay’s training partner and because she beats him in most Triathlons, she’s an inspiration to Lindsay and someone he always tries to compete with.


Philip Boltt

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Philip Boltt

Philip is well recognised as a leading Technical Recruiter, Business Development Manager and straight shooter.  He fills pretty much all of the roles he works on.  He is unbelievably detailed focused providing a remarkable accuracy to the recruitment discipline.  Philip has a particular expertise in recruiting Software Engineers and is a trusted partner to many of the most exciting technology companies in South Africa.

His unique perspective helps bring logic and sanity to your job vacancies.  He is very honest and will always delivers.



Marja Visser

Operations Manager

Marja Visser

Marja joined Acuity in 2014 and is our Operations Manager. She is responsible for so many different areas of the business that there are too many to name! 

She is an invaluable team member who provides everyone with the tools and environment required to focus on their jobs.

She brings serenity and calmness to an environment which is passionate and sometimes too urgent for our own good. Thank goodness for Marja, she is the foundation of Acuity Consultants. 


Andrea Williams

Data Specialist

Andrea has one of the most important positions in the business.  She is tasked with making order of the huge amounts of data that flow in and out of Acuity.

Andrea loves anything that involves action, whether it be an Xbox game or movie.  She also enjoys camping outdoors, activities with her friends and walking her dogs.

When Andrea's not pursuing the adrenaline rush from games or camping, she applies herself to her part-time studies towards a junior bookkeeping qualification.


Monica Ngoqo

Office cleanliness and organisation

Monica is our right hand woman in the office ensuring  order and sufficient supply of caffeine and condiments.

She lives in Nyanga with her husband and children, two of which are foster children.

On the weekends she enjoys socialising with her friends and singing in the church choir where she is an active member of the congregation.