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Did I ever think I’d be running a recruitment company? Answer, NO! I started life washing dishes in Spain, selling water coolers in the UK and even had a stint as a terrible five a side football player (2 matches) which resulted in a broken arm after accidentally tackling my own team mate! I quickly acknowledged that I wasn’t suitable for any of the above and pushed forward with a career in IT before later returning to South Africa with my family in 2010. It’s important for me to use the word “returning” in this bio as it doesn’t matter how many times I tell my friends I was born in South Africa, I am still accused of being a walking, talking Pom! Hilarious and totally untrue, I think…

Fast forward to today and I am proud to be the CEO of Acuity. It’s been a tremendous journey - not only do I have a fantastic team at work, I am exceptionally lucky to have an amazing team at home also. My wife is unquestionably the brightest and kindest person I know, and I am a very proud father of two amazing / demanding kids. Between a full-on work and home life, I enjoy all things outdoors and can be found regularly pounding the tar running or cycling, in preparation for the next competition in SA or overseas. I am at my happiest when I cross the finish line and can celebrate with an enormous slab of fruit and nut!

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