Meet Our Team

Linday Cowan - Director

Lindsay Cowan

Business Development and Director

Lindsay's been with Acuity Consultants for nearly 7 years.  Born in Cape Town, our main man at the helm of things was bred in the UK and returned, with his British accent to the sunny skies of South Africa in 2011.  

 Gary Silbermann

Senior Recruitment Consultant and Director

Gary joined Acuity in October 2013 from after having spent 23 years in the UK as a successful recruitment consultant for major international agencies based in London.   

Cara Shickerling

Senior Recruitment Consultant and Account Manager

Originally from Johannesburg, Cara ditched life in Jozie for Cape Town and has been our right hand Account Manager and Recruitment Consultant since October 2014.  Cara has extensive experience in Recruitment and the success rate with her clients is proof of that.  

Ashleigh Watermeyer aka Ash

Recruitment Consultant

Hailing from our leafy Cape Town Souther Suburbs, Ash is our youngest member of the team.  This driven young woman is not only very successful at dealing with her clients and candidates and she and Lindsay make a formiddable thriathlon team.

Philip Boltt

Technical Recruiter and Account Manager

Proudly Zimbabwean born and a doting father and husband, Philip is an excellent Technical Recruitment Consultant.  Even though his commute to work every day is not for the faint hearted, he has a treasure trove of general knowledge he's always willing to impart with us whilst making coffee in our canteen with great        enthusiasm.

Marja Visser

Operations Manager

The only Afrikaans speaking individual in the office, has been with Acuity on the administrative side of things since March 2014.